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Information on cuisine

  • Luxury Maesawa Beef, characterized by the taste of meat and vivid marbling"Fully enjoy Maezawa beef kaiseki"

    • The grip of Maesawa Beef Please enjoy
      Maesawa Beef has a slightly sweet taste in the marbling fat, and the meat is of course soft and melty.It is exactly what was built with the love of high quality feed, green land, and farmers. "Meat art"Lightly squeeze citrus fruits such as sudachi along with the condiments.
  • The main dishes are abalone grilled on a ceramic plate and snow crab shabu-shabu! Enjoy seasonal seafood!  "Shiosai Wazen"

    • Abalone pottery grilled for grilled food
      "Abalone pottery grilled" is available for grilled Shiosaiwazen.
      Please enjoy the steamed and tender place with a crispy and crunchy texture.
  • Oshu with Maesawa Beef grilled on a ceramic plate! "Standard Nishikizen plan! "