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  • ●Time required to Yakushido Spa

    About 3 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway, Mizusawa IC
    About 15 minutes by car from JR Tohoku Main Line, Mizusawa Station
    About 20 minutes by car from Mizusawa-Esashi Station Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train), Mizusawa-Esashi Station


  • ●About 20 minutes by Fujiwara Town (Oshu City / Esashiku) by car

    A theme park that reproduces the streets of the Heian Time Period.
    All 123 buildings are built based on historical evidence.
    NHK Taiga drama (Long Running Historical Drama)"Yoshitsune" and was used as a shooting scene of historical dramas.
  • ●About 35 minutes by Chusonji Temple / Konjiki-do (Hiraizumicho) by car

    Temple of the Tendai Sect Tohoku daihonzan.
    Oshu Fujiwara Clan is famous as a temple related to three generations and has many cultural properties, including the Konjiki-do doh which attracted the attention of art, crafts and architecture of the Heian Time Period.
  • ●Approximately 30 minutes by car to the Oku no Shoboji (Oshu City / Mizusawa ward)

    In the past, the central presence of Soto Sect in Tohoku Region as Soto Sect third Motoyama.
    The roof of the main hall of the roof is 720 square meters in size, and it is also known as the architecture of the roof with the most in Japan.
  • ●Kokuseki Temple (Oshu City / Mizusawa ward) about 25 minutes by car

    Oshu thirty-three Kannon's Sacred Place.The Yakushi Nyorai zazou also among the Buddha that number,
    Ezo of Hero of the Aterui · The 60th year from the death of Aterui
    It is said that it was created 60 years later,
    It is counted as one of keys to solve the mystery of the ancient Tohoku.
  • ●Kurikoma Golf Club (Kanegasaki Town) It is approximately 30 minutes by car

    One of the Best Spots in the Tohoku Region of the One of the Best Spots in the Tohoku Region forest course the One of the Best Spots in the Tohoku Region district, separated by red pine forests.
    Komagatake is possible to play while Komagatake and Mizusawa City.