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Banquet information

We have prepared seasonal dishes in various scenes.

We will correspond to scenes of all banquets

  • Deliver to your desired location☆I started catering

    In February of 2nd year of Reiwa, we obtained the permission of "Sozai Manufacturing", and it is now possible to deliver the prepared food to the place of your choice.Due to the corona wreck, the dinner at the venue continues to be unsatisfactory, and I hope it can be used for various purposes.
    The dish in the image is 4400 yen including tax for "Yakushi 2nd Stage".
    We also have sushi, hors d'oeuvres, desserts, etc. so please feel free to contact us.
    ※If you purchase over 5,000 yen, we will deliver it free of charge in Oshu City and Kanegasaki Town.
  • Farewell party meal[First seven days, forty-ninth day, one hundred daily · Remittance etc.]

    Spend memorable moments while remembering the deceased person on a day in a relaxing natural hot spring with relaxed dishes with true heart.
    We can also prepare rice and rice cake, gift, Kado kashi, Kado kashi, sushi etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    We will assist you with a banquet that responds to your request regardless of your denominations and sects.

    【Special Advantages】
    ●Hot spring bathing ticket (Including Bathing tax)
    ●Buddha set meal service (20 people or more)
    ●Bus free shuttle
    ●Tongue age·A seat card

    We also have a venue for table seats

    【Gifts and fancy goods ... 】
    We can also choose gifts and sundries according to your budget, so please do not hesitate to ask.
    • Memorial service meal set·Full-vegetarian·Semi-vegetarian

      Semi-vegetarian dedicated set【Kikyo】

      [Tax included and service charge not included]5,500 JPY

      Semi-vegetarian dedicated set【Shiragiku】

      [Tax included and service charge not included]6,600 yen

      Semi-vegetarian dedicated set【lily】

      [Tax included and service charge not included]7,700 yen
  • Festive party[Grandfather holds · year-old celebration · anniversary · longevity celebration etc.]

    Why do not you celebrate various "congratulations" of my life's milestones?
    Yakushido Spa, we are proposing a celebration party plan that you can relax by using relaxing hot springs.

    【Special Advantages】

    ●Hot spring bathing ticket (Including Bathing tax)
    ●Bus free shuttle
    ●Guide Status·A seat card
    ●Named Paper Present(Grandfather hold)

    【Staying cheap】
    Guests using the festive party plan can stay at a cheap price so it is convenient for customers who are far away.
    • Festive party plan

      Long life(Kotobuki)Plan

      [10 items of dishes]6,050 yen


      [11 dishes of dishes]7,150 yen

      flower(Hanayagi )Plan

      [12 dishes of dishes]8,250 yen