Must-see for Oshu☆"Gozaencha Campaign" resumes from 7/15 to 7/25! Iwate Travel Support Project is being held until August 22☆
yakushido spa

【Official】yakushido spa

Relax in a pleasant season for Mizuno

Sanriku seafood, Kurikoma no Yamayuki, local Maesawa Beef
Please enjoy a variety of dishes every season using local ingredients.
As well as Hiraizumi of World Cultural Heritage, transportation as a base for Michinoku sightseeing is an accommodation that is easy to match even with a travel plan.
Please enjoy the tiredness of the trip with hot springs and feel the time to relax.

Attention!☆Oshu Citizens Only "Gozaencha Campaign" Resume! From 7/15 to 25

  • Only for 10 days! Up to 9,000 yen discount + 2000 yen shopping coupon when used in combination with Iwate Travel Support Discount★

    Oshu must-see for Oshu citizens! That "Gozaencha Campaign" will resume for 10 days from July 15th to 25th! Of course, you can use it even cheaper in combination with the Iwate Travel Support Project currently being held!  There are also Gozaencha A plan meat / fish and B plan meat / fish course, so please use them according to your taste.
    By the way, last time, Gozaencha A Plan / Fish course was very popular!
    Please stay cheap, enjoy the hot springs, and enjoy your meal more luxuriously than usual.

Great deals for staying in Within Iwate Prefecture "Iwate Travel Enjoyment Project" is now underway!

  • Comes with a discount based on the room rate and a shopping coupon for 2,000 yen per person!

    Within Iwate Prefecture Travel Enjoyment Project" for travelers in Iwate Prefecture was from April 16th to May 31st, but the extension was announced the other day! Until 8/22 stay.You can enjoy a great trip ☆ 彡

    In addition to discounts on accommodation charges, a "more enjoyment coupon" that can be used for souvenirs, drinks, transportation, etc. is included for 2,000 yen per person.It looks like the Iwate Prefecture version of GoTo Travel.

    For details, please check the posters and leaflets in the facility.
    We ask that visitors also cooperate in wearing masks and disinfecting.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in preventing the spread of infection.

  • ~Request to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection~

    We will continue to aim for Yakushido Spa we can feel more secure by preventing the spread of infection.

    Customers will cooperate with etiquette such as hand washing, alcohol disinfection and coughing at this facility.If you have a fever or other physical condition, please be sure to ask the front desk staff.

    Acrylic panels will be installed as a splash prevention measure so that you can spend your time safely and securely at banquets and memorial services at this facility.Thank you for your understanding.

I want children to have fun ☆ Family-friendly【Family Plan】

  • Save even more with the Iwate Travel Support Discount! plan" full of children's benefits until 8/22 ☆ 彡

    The summer schedule for July is ...?? Must-see for families who are worried☆We will sell the family plan Yakushido Spa again this year! Half price for children outside the prefecture! We have prepared special benefits that children can enjoy, such as 2 gachas and dessert software toppings.Families coming from Within Iwate PrefectureFurthermore, it is cheaper with a travel support discount! (The image is for those who live in Iwate prefecture only.)
    Now is the time to get discounts for both adults and children! Please plan" when making a reservation! We look forward to welcoming you.

The guest room with pets is now open!

  • Limited to 1 Group per Day★Stay in the same room as the dog!

    Like a family! With your favorite dog!
    Dogs and owners can rest assured if they are on the road together.

    Cottage type guest room without worrying around
    You can spend it.

    Meal places / public baths are located in the main building.
    Since there is no roof to move to the main building,
    It may get wet in the rain.Please understand.

Tokyo Olympics commemoration★Narikiri photo shoot!

  • Let's leave a proof that we were Yakushido Spa during the Olympics!

    The Tokyo Olympics started on 7/21!
    It seems that the Olympic Games held in Japan will be a disappointing tournament with almost no spectators, but I look forward to the success of Japanese athletes! Let's enjoy the tournament while suppressing the desire to cheer loudly with everyone at the venue★
    How about taking a commemorative photo as a player as one of the memories of enjoying Yakushido Spa during the Olympics? We have a few handmade "Narikiri goods" so please enjoy them.

    It's the Olympic Games, so let's enjoy it for a month!

We have started "LINE" for one-day hot spring customers!

  • Earn points and get free ice cream and bathing!  Click here to register as a friend!

    We have started "LINE" for one-day hot spring customers!
    We will send out profitable information and emergency notifications to the extent that they do not get in the way.

    Click here to register as a friend →
    ※If you are browsing your smartphone, click the blue title above to move to the registration screen.

    If you have already registered as a friend, let's collect points when you come to the museum!
    If you collect points from the shop card, you will get benefits such as free ice cream and free bathing!

    Let's collect points while having fun!

If you hold a training camp Oshu City Iwate Prefecture! Yakushido Spa also support Yakushido Spa

  • Sports and Arts and Culture Activities

    Oshu City, we support a part of the expenses required for training camps to organizations (training organizations) implementing sports or arts and culture activities camp in Oshu City.

    Object: For the purpose of sports or arts and cultural activities, a camp that uses accommodation facilities in Oshu city for over 2 nights 3 days or more (total number of guests: more than 20) and utilizes physical training facilities or cultural facilities in Oshu city

    Contact us, Oshu City Collaborative Town Planning Department, Lifelong learning sports section
               〒 023 - 1192, Iwate Prefecture Oshu City Esashi Boulevard 1-8
                TEL: 0197-35-2111(representative)FAX: 0197-35-7466
    ※Link to the official website of Oshu City by clicking image or title

Day trip guide

  • About the day-trip hot spring

    【Opening Hour】
    From 5:00 to 21:00 (from reception until 20:00)
    Sauna bath/10:00 to 21:00

    <Time zone during which you can not take a bath for cleaning>
    every day/9: 00-10: 00(cleaning·I can not take a bath for inspection)
    On the 3rd Tuesday of the month/7: 00-15: 00
    Every Monday / 7: 00-11: 00 (bathing only on open-air bath)
    every Monday/22: 00-23: 00(Large Communal Bath·Outdoor bath not to be able to take a bath)
    ※It may change depending on circumstances.

    Bath only / 800 yen (Elementary school-aged children/400 yen)
    Use of a large hall/Free

    We also sell good deals tickets
     10 sheets spell, 6400 yen (It is profitable at 640 yen per time!)

    ※2018.12.25 Revision
  • Big Hall

    Please use for a break in a day trip hot spring

    Opening Hour
    10:00 to 17:00
    ※Usage time will change according to circumstances
  • Japanese-style Restaurant Chikurin

    Cold cold beer and meals

    Opening Hour
    Day section/11:00 to 15:00
    Night Club/From 16: 00 to 20: 30
    Last Order 20: 00

    ●Yakushido set meal (reservation required) 1800 yen  ●Sashimi set meal 1200 yen 
    ●Oil goose chicken set meal 850 yen●Ramen 600 yen 
    ●Chicken Shio Ramen 700 yen ●Miso chashu noodles 850 yen
    ●Zaru soba 550 yen ●Inaniwa udon set 1200 yen 
    ●Edamame 330 yen●Potato fries 330 yen●Assorted Wiener 440 yen
    ●Seasonal sashimi platter 1500 yen

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Accommodation Features·Facility

  • 1st floor

    During ~·Small ballroom(136 square meters / 49 square meters x 2/27 square meters)
    front desk·shop·Restaurant "bamboo forest"
    Large Communal Bath·Rock bath(Outdoor bath)·Sauna bath
    Break corner · massage corner
  • Second floor

    Big party(273 square meters)
    Rooms(Japanese Style Room 14 rooms·Japanese + Western-style 2 rooms)
  • Separate building

    Cottage style guest room (25 square meters to 36 square meters x 5 buildings) Accommodation capacity Large room for 7 to 10 people

    All rooms are now Wi-fi compatible

    ◎ Great success for student sports competitions!
     It is popular among young people because it does not care about the neighbor, it makes noise.

    It is a separate building adjoining within the parking lot in front of the main building.There are five buildings of 25 square meters to 40 square meters.
    Baths and toilets are attached, but when eating, bathing in the hot springs in the main building
    I will move outdoors without a roof.
    It is a distance that it takes less than a minute's walk to the main building, but considering bad weather and slope
    Accommodation of elderly people may be difficult.Please note.

    Please make reservations and inquiries by phone or e-mail.
     TEL: 0197-23-4126
     MAIL: ozawa -
To facility · facility page

Yakushido Spa, Guide brochure

  • Shugyoku-no-yu, Yakushido Spa of the brochure from here

    ·Utility of hot springs
    ~19 kinds of utility~

    ·Information on sales
    ~Accommodation · day trip · banquet · law etc.~

    ·Information such as facility information
    ~Information on facilities in facilities~

    ※For details, please see the following from the brochure guide.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.